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Innovate outside of constraints

We are specialized in conception and management of Cloud Platforms & in the production of connected electronic musical instruments.



Kiviak Technologies is a French company with an international focus.

« For years, I have been looking to mix IT and my passion for Music.

Kiviak Technologies & Kiviak Instruments
are a real opportunity to realize my passions and combine my experiences thanks to the skills of specialists & partners who surround me on a daily basis. »


Our company is divided into 2 entities.

This is our entity specialized in design & management of Cloud Plateforms.

Our team follows companies in their digital transformation and transition to public, private or hybrid cloud with strategic consulting or timeshare DSI services.

We operate both on infrastructures and development by using the most recent Cloud Native Technologies and by promoting Serverless & containerization.

This is our brand dedicated to the manufacture of electronic musical instruments & design of musical creation software.

Kiviak Instruments offers you a fine, functional and connected production realised by an European team who that has chosen to work responsible & sustainable.

Our instruments are designed by and for « nomads » musicians and sensitives to their environnement.
Soon, we will make you discover our first product. Stay tuned !

An atypical concept which combines the passions & expertises of its founder.

The name

It is special, we know it !

Surprising to some at first, or rather obscure to others.

The Kiviak is a very... special Inuit dish that is not widely used; advise you...

This name is us and we embrace it fully, not without a slight smile, but always with great kindness and respect.

Come to meet us or contact us to see it !

Our partners


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